Fundraising Sale!

Lately, I have been torn about what to do. I love helping others with baby wearing, but it comes with a cost – time, energy, and money. Time and energy I can work with, but sadly this has been a tough year, for various reasons, and I have not been able to raise much in funds to cover my insurance. We’ve used some savings to help cover this in the past but I cannot take from the family another year to support this community service (insurance covers the free meet ups I offer at my place as well).


So to help raise funds, I am asking for your help in spreading the word as I offer a deep discount on coaching sessions. I come to a caregiver’s place with their selected carriers to demo them and teach them one to use confidently. If they already have a carrier but need some troubleshooting, this session would cover that too. I will also be raffling off some baby wearing accessories next week once the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hubbub dies down.

This won’t cover the entire premium, of course, but hopefully half, and I will cover the other half with other funds I have saved. Please share with those you know in the GTA who is expecting, whether for the first time or the third – or even better, buy them a coaching session! If their due date is after January 31st, 2020, let me know and I will honour the sale price. Do note though that it’s best to have the session before baby comes, because it’s difficult to learn during the newborn-phase haze! One more note: Some locations may incur a travel fee, which will be discussed beforehand. .
Thank you for your support. If by some miracle we raise more than what’s needed, the extra will go to renting space when needed to host larger meet ups.

Keep warm, everyone!

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