Welcome to my page! Please browse through to see if I may be of help to you. To get to know me better, please see my Facebook and Instagram feeds to the right. I am more active there because I am able to help more caregivers who are asking questions in the parenting groups. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer!

A brief introduction: I am a mother of 4 energetic children, and if I didn’t have carriers to help me out, I’d be *quite* stressed! As it is, I’m only stressed, haha. My youngest is still under a year old, so our days can still be quite unpredictable, between him still nursing every 2-3 hours, poops up the back, and if he gets tired out too quickly. I am homeschooling my oldest while helping others with babywearing and general parenting questions during the day. My hobbies are singing, painting my own nails, makeup (when I can!), and enjoying woven wraps. I hope to try out oil pastels or water colours soon!