Giving Friday Sale!

Yes, it’s called Black Friday, but I want to try and step away from the consumerist mindset that comes with that name, so I will call it Giving Friday.

I know most places discount only about 25%, but I know times are tough are I truly believe that babywearing can make a difference in the life of a family, a father, a mother, a baby. So, I am giving my time and dropping my regular fee for a full session by 55%, from $45 to $20.

I want babywearing to be accessible. I want babywearing to be as normal as using a stroller. I want parents to start understanding the benefits of being physically close, and I want to help them when they are feeling touched out.

I want parents and caregivers to feel a little less dead, and a little more calm. If you are a parent or caregiver who wants to feel that, send me a message and let’s chat about how babywearing can fit in your life. If you know someone who is expecting soon or is struggling at home with a child under 2 years old (even 4 years old!), you can buy a session as a gift and let them choose to use it when they are ready. This would be a great way for them to figure out which carrier they would like to bring in to their parenting tool kit. If they already have one but don’t seem to be using it, I would be excited to walk them over the learning curve and reduce learning fatigue.

If you have any questions, I will always be happy to answer.

Click here for booking*. If you’d like to pay via EMT or Paypal, please send payment to

*Copy and paste this URL if the link doesn’t work.


To everything, turn, turn, turn…

“It’s been 84 years…”

Okay, maybe not that long since my last post, but it *has* been awhile. Admittedly, it’s just been easier to post everything on to Facebook on Instagram, especially when sharing something else that strikes my fancy – especially when homeschooling, especially with a high-connection baby (now toddler!), and e s p e c i a l l y with four kids at home during a pandemic! But that may be changing, because….

…. I’m looking to rebrand. Crazy, right? Why do that, when business is slow, time is still tight, and it will take more effort to spread word of this change?

Because I believe that connecting families to the benefits of babywearing is important. Because I believe that connecting families together through babywearing is important. Because I believe that babywearing helps caregivers so much more than they know. Because babywearing can help us be a little less dead during the daily doldrum of parenting.

Perhaps because I don’t like painting rosy pictures and giving guarantees that I’ve been afraid to boldly speak out about how strongly I believe in babywearing, but I realize I don’t have to do that. With my kids, I’ve been walking them through understanding the difficulties of the pandemic without scaring them but also without giving them false hope. I need to bring that style over to my messaging, because while babywearing does not guarantee calm or a perfect day, it can help immensely once properly understood.

I also realized through seeking help in a business group that babywearing is still relatively new to most people. I have been enveloped in using carriers for the last 6 years at least, so it’s like breathing to me, but it’s very much on the periphery to many. So I’ll be getting back to basics in what I cover and discuss. If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Instagram, forgive me if posts sound too simple! There will be nuggets for you as well, but I hope these simple and basic posts will help you share babywearing with your friends and family.

So stay tuned! For the time being, I will be keeping the same website, the same Facebook page, and the same Insta handle. What will change is the tone as I put more “Ada” into Strand By Strand and less of what I think people would want out of a consultant. I hope you will join me for this ride!

On a slightly related note, I am offering a Giving Friday sale of $20 for all 1-hour video sessions from Nov 27-30. A great gift for those expecting a baby or needing to handle a baby while at home during the winter, since it’s harder to try on carriers these days!

The fundraiser raffle is going LIVE!!

In case you haven’t been following on my Facebook page, the raffle is going LIVE at 10am Friday December 6. Check out the goodies up for grabs! More will be posted soon. Don’t miss out!

Fundraising Sale!

Lately, I have been torn about what to do. I love helping others with baby wearing, but it comes with a cost – time, energy, and money. Time and energy I can work with, but sadly this has been a tough year, for various reasons, and I have not been able to raise much in funds to cover my insurance. We’ve used some savings to help cover this in the past but I cannot take from the family another year to support this community service (insurance covers the free meet ups I offer at my place as well).


So to help raise funds, I am asking for your help in spreading the word as I offer a deep discount on coaching sessions. I come to a caregiver’s place with their selected carriers to demo them and teach them one to use confidently. If they already have a carrier but need some troubleshooting, this session would cover that too. I will also be raffling off some baby wearing accessories next week once the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hubbub dies down.

This won’t cover the entire premium, of course, but hopefully half, and I will cover the other half with other funds I have saved. Please share with those you know in the GTA who is expecting, whether for the first time or the third – or even better, buy them a coaching session! If their due date is after January 31st, 2020, let me know and I will honour the sale price. Do note though that it’s best to have the session before baby comes, because it’s difficult to learn during the newborn-phase haze! One more note: Some locations may incur a travel fee, which will be discussed beforehand. .
Thank you for your support. If by some miracle we raise more than what’s needed, the extra will go to renting space when needed to host larger meet ups.

Keep warm, everyone!

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Fit Check Clinic – TODAY!

In case you haven’t been following on Facebook, I am running my first fit check clinic today at My Gym Children’s Fitness Center at the Richmond Hill/Vaughan location! I’m excited to meet new moms, help them out, and actually just be back in My Gym. My kids LOVED their classes and their My Gym teachers! If you haven’t been to My Gym before, this would be a great event to take care of two things at once: 1. Have any concerns or issues with your carrier checked out, and 2. Visit My Gym’s space and get to know their teachers!

If you’d like to secure a spot at the fit check, you may do so for a small fee. Click the button below and it will show you the spots available. I also have an option for the full paid value of the fit check to be credited towards a private in-home coaching and support session – more time for you!

If you’re in the area, hope to see you there. Otherwise, stay warm, and may your holidays be merry and bright!

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Calm and Carriers – workshops!

Phew, it’s been a very long while since I’ve posted! I’ve been much more active on Facebook and just started an Instagram account (check out the right bar to follow!). What’s happened since May? More running after toddler (who is a pre-schooler now!) and less babywearing, realizing how much strengthening I did while wearing him – which is sadly decreasing – and finding out that we’re expecting Baby #4!

I’ve also started offering workshops, and with this new offering comes an introductory price. Grab it while you can! We’re discuss the benefits of babywearing (besides not having arms fall off), cover what aspects to consider when buying a carrier, and lastly, check out some carriers to compare.

I’ll be offering these in Richmond Hill and Markham, and I’m hoping one for the Vaughan area as well. If you’re interested in hosting one, you get a further discount! Message me for more details.

Any questions, please ask! Here’s the link to the workshop event. I hope to see you there.

Mother’s Day Special!

Still thinking of what to treat yourself to, or to get for your partner? Or perhaps for a mother who is having a rough time with parenting a young one?

Mother's Day 2018 - prices and dates

Gift them with a babywearing consultation! Many people buy carriers as presents, but often tired caregivers don’t have the mental energy to figure out how a carrier works, or if they do, it may not be comfortable so they give up – and a useful tool goes to waste!

I am offering a special 50%-off discount for caregivers of newborns and infants, and for those expecting. Take advantage and help a family learn skills that can help with a smooth transition into this new chapter in their lives.

Fine print: Payments for consultations are to be made upon receipt of invoice.  Invoice will be sent to client upon confirmation. Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice may receive a refund less $10. Age of the child is as of the date of the appointment +/- 2 weeks. Depending on location, a travelling fee may apply.

And the winner is…

Thanks to those who participated in the contest! Puerto Rico still has a long way to go to restoring and stabilizing their homes and communities, but every little bit helps.

So without further ado, I’d like to announce that WENDY HO is the winner of the Liliputi Mama Pocket Belt!


Thank you for your donation to United for Puerto Rico. If anyone would like to donate to Puerto Rico’s continued efforts, please click the link to find out more. New on the site is the official song to highlight the rebuilding work being done – check it out!

International Babywearing Week, A GIVEAWAY (!!), and A Fundraiser

There have been lots going on the last several weeks, in my personal world and in the world in general. I’m not going to get into a ton of stuff here because that’s not the focus of this post! But it has been weighing on me, what I can do in this type of situation.

There has been so much devastation caused by the hurricanes this season, with Puerto Rico being one of the hardest hit areas. Many places have been ruined, but Puerto Rico has really tugged at my heart, perhaps because of the song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, and the beauty of the island with the vibrancy of its culture shown in the music video.

All of that beauty, all of that vibrancy has been beaten down, and the people have a long, long way ahead to bring their homes back to being liveable, never mind back to normal.

I’m sure there are others like me wondering if what little we have can make any difference, and I want to invite you to join me in this fundraising project. I’d like to focus donations to United For Puerto Rico, a collaborative initiative involving Beatriz Rossello, the First Lady of Puerto Rico, and the private sector to aid and support those in Puerto Rico affected by the hurricanes. 100% of the proceeds will go towards helping those people.

For some incentive, I will be giving away this cute and functional belt by Liliputi. The Mama Pocket Belt is decorated with embroidery on each of the main pockets, and can make babywearing so much easier with all the essentials right at your hips! This is great for holding your wallet, your phone, your keys, a chapstick and even some hand lotion, possibly more.

Depending on diaper size, you can even fit a diaper in the largest pocket and with some wipes in a Ziploc bag, you’re good to go! Disclosure: I did get this as a prize from Birdie’s Room but it has sadly been sitting around looking pretty but unused. I would love to pass it on to another person who can use this! And no, you do not have to be a babywearer to win this. =)

How to enter into this giveaway? Donate to United For Puerto Rico, and every $2 will equal one entry into the draw. $9 will equal 5 entries, and $15 will equal 10. Yes, these are small amounts, but let’s share the heck out of this post and see how far we get! One more way to earn entries: book a consultation and get 15 entries. I will 50% of the consultation fee to UFPR.

To confirm your entries, send me a screenshot of your confirmed donation (see pictures for examples to keep out sensitive information) before Wednesday, October 11, at 11:59pm. I’ll add you to our draw list, and we’ll wait until October 13th, 3pm to do the draw!

For more incentive to donate and share, if we have more than 20 people participating, I will add in another prize. If we hit 40 participants, I will add in another prize. That’s 3 PRIZES IN TOTAL!!

So to recap, this is what’s going down:

  • celebrating International Babywearing Week and fundraising for Puerto Rico!
  • a Liliputi Mama Pocket Belt giveaway, and entries made by donations to United For Puerto Rico.
  • Submit entries by sending screen shots of confirmed donations, as per the example pictures given above. $2 = one entry, $9 = five entries, $15 = 10 entries
  • OR book a consultation for 15 entries, with 50% of the consultation fee to be donated (payment will need to be made before contest closing).
  • More prizes may be added along the way!!
  • Entries must be received by Wednesday, October 11, 11:59pm EST, either by email  to strandbystrandme (at) gmail (dot) com, or through Facebook messenger on my Facebook page,
  • Winner(s) will be drawn on Friday, October 13, 3pm EST.
  • Please note that anyone can enter the draw, but if winner cannot pick up the prize, winner has the option to pay for shipping to receive respective prize.

That’s it! I hope that you’ll join me in celebrating babywearing, and celebrating Puerto Rico.

How Me and Babywearing Came To Be: Part 6/8

In June I was honoured to be interviewed by Birdie’s Room as part of their Spotlight On Babywearing Education. The full version can be found here.  I’m thankful that Birdie’s Room gave this opportunity to share about my passion!

Spotlight on Babywearing: Part 6

When a new parent asks why Babywear, how do you explain it to them?

Babywearing helps both the baby and the parent. To the parent, a carrier, is like the extra pair of hands you would love to have in another person but may not be able to have, for one reason or another. A carrier helps nap your baby, soothe your baby, and show your baby the world as you go about your life. In some ways it’s better than having another person because the baby has direct access to the caregiver, which helps the parent-child relationship in so many ways. To the baby, especially a newborn and infant, it gives consistency in a world of change that has been thrust upon them. She literally has no clue what’s going on, and being next to her caregiver(s) gives that stability and calm amidst so many new experiences. She is still getting used to being out of the womb, and a carrier helps facilitate that transition during the “fourth trimester”.

How do you determine what is the best carrier for people?

I ask them what they are intending to do while wearing their child, and how much time and effort are they willing to put in to learn. During our discussion those intentions may change, but understanding their lifestyle and willingness to learn helps whittle down the choices quickly.

What are your core teachings to new wearers?

Technically speaking, always know the minimum requirements and the maximum capacities of your carrier. Make sure your child is visible and kissable, and that he is seated with his knees higher than his bum. Last but not least, tighten your carrier strand by strand, or buckle by buckle.

Aside from the technical aspects, I would remind them that babywearing is a tool, not a magic wand, as much as we talk about “sleepy dust”! It needs to be used properly and done properly so that it can help diffuse a stressful situation and, hopefully, turn a frustrating moment into a much calmer one.