Babywearing is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. It is also a wonderful way to preserve your sanity! I would love to help you discover how babywearing can help you, and which carrier will best fit your body and your lifestyle. Private consultations are available for couples, for 1 person or for 2 people. Take a look at the services offered for how I can help bring you and your baby closer, strand by strand.

My name is Ada and I am homeschooling mom of three kids. I started babywearing with my oldest using a Moby stretchy wrap (as seen in the picture above), then tried a Britax structured carrier with my second as I found the stretchy wrap uncomfortable once my babies hit 12lbs. The Britax carrier was cumbersome to bring around, so I looked into soft-structured carriers and decided on trying out a Tula. I found one in the Lovebirds pattern 0 not common – for a great price, but since I started using a few months after my daughter learned to walk, I ended up with a toddler tawdling quickly away from me screaming “No Tula! No TULAAAA!!” I also found … <interrupted by kids. Will continue later.>

So let’s try again! Hello! My name is Ada and I am a certified babywearing educator and consultant. I am also a mother of 3 children, can play the guitar and piano, love makeup and prefer cooking over baking. Over the last decade, I have become a Trekkie (albeit a minor one), tried to pick up sewing, decided to be a stay-at-home parent, learned the ways of the bobby pin (even in my fine slippery hair!), realized that perfectionists *can* be messy, and come to own the entire series of both Dawson’s Creek and Ally McBeal (courtesy of my husband, but don’t tell him I told you!).

I was introduced to babywearing by a friend who used a stretchy wrap with her son. I started babywearing with my eldest using a Moby, but quickly found it uncomfortable to use beyond 15 lbs. I loved using it though and brought it out to use with my second child along with a structured carrier. While I appreciated the convenience they both brought me, the structured carrier was cumbersome to bring around and I eventually had to put that aside along with the Moby wrap. Eventually I stumbled across a photo of a friend using woven wraps with *two* children at the same time, and became fascinated with what woven wraps can do. I was intimidated by them so I turned to soft-structured carriers instead, and bought a Tula to use with my toddler, who just learned how to run away from me. =P As she is fiercely independent, I needed a quicker solution than the buckles could afford me so I looked into woven wraps again and haven’t looked back. I have personally found them fantastic for the flexibility in options so I can switch according to situation or my body’s needs.

Having said all that, the above is *my* babywearing journey, and I would love to help you along with yours. Whether we use Bjorns, Ergos, Kinderpacks or meh dais, our goal is the same, which is to bring our little ones close when they need us while being able to carry on with life’s activities. This is why I have a variety of carriers for clients to try out – so you can find one fits best for YOU!

Interested in a consultation? Fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/1X1cANNFpBNbkosZ2) and let me know how I can help you!

May you have a cheery day! Or a sassy one, if that suits you better. 😉