International Babywearing Week, A GIVEAWAY (!!), and A Fundraiser

There have been lots going on the last several weeks, in my personal world and in the world in general. I’m not going to get into a ton of stuff here because that’s not the focus of this post! But it has been weighing on me, what I can do in this type of situation.

There has been so much devastation caused by the hurricanes this season, with Puerto Rico being one of the hardest hit areas. Many places have been ruined, but Puerto Rico has really tugged at my heart, perhaps because of the song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, and the beauty of the island with the vibrancy of its culture shown in the music video.

All of that beauty, all of that vibrancy has been beaten down, and the people have a long, long way ahead to bring their homes back to being liveable, never mind back to normal.

I’m sure there are others like me wondering if what little we have can make any difference, and I want to invite you to join me in this fundraising project. I’d like to focus donations to United For Puerto Rico, a collaborative initiative involving Beatriz Rossello, the First Lady of Puerto Rico, and the private sector to aid and support those in Puerto Rico affected by the hurricanes. 100% of the proceeds will go towards helping those people.

For some incentive, I will be giving away this cute and functional belt by Liliputi. The Mama Pocket Belt is decorated with embroidery on each of the main pockets, and can make babywearing so much easier with all the essentials right at your hips! This is great for holding your wallet, your phone, your keys, a chapstick and even some hand lotion, possibly more.

Depending on diaper size, you can even fit a diaper in the largest pocket and with some wipes in a Ziploc bag, you’re good to go! Disclosure: I did get this as a prize from Birdie’s Room but it has sadly been sitting around looking pretty but unused. I would love to pass it on to another person who can use this! And no, you do not have to be a babywearer to win this. =)

How to enter into this giveaway? Donate to United For Puerto Rico, and every $2 will equal one entry into the draw. $9 will equal 5 entries, and $15 will equal 10. Yes, these are small amounts, but let’s share the heck out of this post and see how far we get! One more way to earn entries: book a consultation and get 15 entries. I will 50% of the consultation fee to UFPR.

To confirm your entries, send me a screenshot of your confirmed donation (see pictures for examples to keep out sensitive information) before Wednesday, October 11, at 11:59pm. I’ll add you to our draw list, and we’ll wait until October 13th, 3pm to do the draw!

For more incentive to donate and share, if we have more than 20 people participating, I will add in another prize. If we hit 40 participants, I will add in another prize. That’s 3 PRIZES IN TOTAL!!

So to recap, this is what’s going down:

  • celebrating International Babywearing Week and fundraising for Puerto Rico!
  • a Liliputi Mama Pocket Belt giveaway, and entries made by donations to United For Puerto Rico.
  • Submit entries by sending screen shots of confirmed donations, as per the example pictures given above. $2 = one entry, $9 = five entries, $15 = 10 entries
  • OR book a consultation for 15 entries, with 50% of the consultation fee to be donated (payment will need to be made before contest closing).
  • More prizes may be added along the way!!
  • Entries must be received by Wednesday, October 11, 11:59pm EST, either by email  to strandbystrandme (at) gmail (dot) com, or through Facebook messenger on my Facebook page,
  • Winner(s) will be drawn on Friday, October 13, 3pm EST.
  • Please note that anyone can enter the draw, but if winner cannot pick up the prize, winner has the option to pay for shipping to receive respective prize.

That’s it! I hope that you’ll join me in celebrating babywearing, and celebrating Puerto Rico.


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