How Me and Babywearing Came To Be: Part 6/8

In June I was honoured to be interviewed by Birdie’s Room as part of their Spotlight On Babywearing Education. The full version can be found here.  I’m thankful that Birdie’s Room gave this opportunity to share about my passion!

Spotlight on Babywearing: Part 6

When a new parent asks why Babywear, how do you explain it to them?

Babywearing helps both the baby and the parent. To the parent, a carrier, is like the extra pair of hands you would love to have in another person but may not be able to have, for one reason or another. A carrier helps nap your baby, soothe your baby, and show your baby the world as you go about your life. In some ways it’s better than having another person because the baby has direct access to the caregiver, which helps the parent-child relationship in so many ways. To the baby, especially a newborn and infant, it gives consistency in a world of change that has been thrust upon them. She literally has no clue what’s going on, and being next to her caregiver(s) gives that stability and calm amidst so many new experiences. She is still getting used to being out of the womb, and a carrier helps facilitate that transition during the “fourth trimester”.

How do you determine what is the best carrier for people?

I ask them what they are intending to do while wearing their child, and how much time and effort are they willing to put in to learn. During our discussion those intentions may change, but understanding their lifestyle and willingness to learn helps whittle down the choices quickly.

What are your core teachings to new wearers?

Technically speaking, always know the minimum requirements and the maximum capacities of your carrier. Make sure your child is visible and kissable, and that he is seated with his knees higher than his bum. Last but not least, tighten your carrier strand by strand, or buckle by buckle.

Aside from the technical aspects, I would remind them that babywearing is a tool, not a magic wand, as much as we talk about “sleepy dust”! It needs to be used properly and done properly so that it can help diffuse a stressful situation and, hopefully, turn a frustrating moment into a much calmer one.


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