How Me and Babywearing Came To Be: Part 5/8

In June I was honoured to be interviewed by Birdie’s Room as part of their Spotlight On Babywearing Education. The full version can be found here.  I believe that parents should be given as many tools as they can to succeed in raising the next generation, and to remain sane while doing so!  – and that babywearing can contribute greatly to that success and sanity. I’m thankful that Birdie’s Room gave this opportunity to share about my passion!

Spotlight on Babywearing: Part 5

How has your babywearing journey as a leader, educator and a babywear influenced other areas of your life such as your lifestyle, career etc.?

Being an active member in the group has definitely influenced my decision to become an educator and consultant! It helped me discover my passion for increasing the connection between parents and children, and makes use of my love for teaching as well. I love seeing that “Ah-ha!” moment! As for my lifestyle, it has made getting out of the house so much easier. I used to get so overwhelmed with getting the baby ready to go out that sometimes I would simply decide to stay in, especially if I have my older children with me. Wearing my youngest during our routine to go out has cut down on my stress and has enabled me to take more impromptu walks and grocery trips with all of my kids. I know it sounds small, but to me it was a big thing to be able to have a fairly sane time buying groceries! Being able to have less stress (not no stress, but less) when going out with all 3 kids on my own has helped our household accomplish more.

What do you love most about teaching babywearing?

I love seeing parents watching their child settle into the carrier and relax, meaning the parents start to relax as well. It doesn’t always happen right away, especially if things haven’t gone well up until we’ve met, but when it does, it’s gold. You can see the stress melt away and the anticipation of happier times ahead. I enjoy so much giving parents the hope that parenting can be easier than what they’ve seen so far!

How has teaching enhanced your life?

Teaching others about babywearing has helped me find a purpose outside of being a mother. While I love teaching my kids and spending time with them, it has been good to know that I can contribute to adults learning as well. I also needed an outlet and a way to connect with adults in a natural way, so teaching has provided me opportunities to meet up with other parents. And having occasional meet ups at my home have forced me to clean more!


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