How Me and Babywearing Came to Be – Part 2/8

In June I was honoured to be interviewed by Birdie’s Room as part of their Spotlight On Babywearing Education, which I’ve broken down the interview into eight parts (full version can be found here; Part One can be found in this link). It was encouraging for me to reflect on my journey first as a mother, then as a babywearer, and finally as an educator and consultant. It hasn’t been easy, but I believe that parents should be given as many tools as they can remain sane while raising the next generation and that babywearing can contribute greatly to that sanity. =D I’m thankful that Birdie’s Room gave this opportunity to share about my passion!

Spotlight On Babywearing Education, Part Two

How did/has Babywearing let you carry on your everyday life as a parent?

I knew that with my 2 energetic older kids, I would need my hands free to play with them, hug them, and generally get things done. I anticipated I would need to do baby’s naps in the wrap regularly to keep the day running smoothly, and I was more than


Wearing my youngest at 6 months old in a wool wrap using a ruck carry. Wearing the Junah soft-shell coat in -15 degrees Celcius.

right! My youngest had most naps in a wrap every day till about 6 months old, and thankfully he transition well to sleeping in his crib. Those wrap naps saved my sanity as I didn’t have to find a way to occupy my two older kids and I didn’t have a cranky, over-tired baby on my hands. I can’t imagine doing it any other way! Without babywearing, we definitely wouldn’t be considering to have another baby.



What do you love most about Babywearing?


The Ontario Science Centre was more enjoyable with a carrier because I could skip the elevator line-ups.

Babywearing calms my anxiety and deflates my stress levels. There are so many things to watch out for as a parent, never mind as a parent of 3 kids. I’m always afraid I will forget something, and there have been times I’ve been late to feed my baby! Thankfully he is a *very* easy-going child, but I was glad to have him so close to me pretty much all the time in those first 6 months so I was never wondering how he was doing. I always knew what was going on, and I was able to attend to my older children as well. Babywearing also gives me freedom. I love that I didn’t have to lug around the infant seat around all the time when we were out, and that I didn’t have to plan around the use of a stroller – I didn’t have to hunt for elevators and ramps anymore! I can go almost anywhere I want to. I did have to pack lighter and more creatively since I would carry the bag instead of use the stroller, but that was a good challenge for a heavy packer like me.

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