Big ups in a big mall

Had a mother-daughter morning date at Yorkdale on Saturday. It’s been so long since we just hung out! I brought a wrap just in case she got tired after lunch. I didn’t think we’d actually use it but, as you can see, it came in handy. I think it was the first time someone over the age of 2 was carried around at Yorkdalr, and even more so inside Nordstrom. 😬 

It was a great time together when she was up though, much better than dragging Her Whineyness through the mall and parking lot. We got to chat, since her head was right beside mine and we could hear each other, and see dresses together, and I got to feel her sweet head at my neck when she wanted to lie it down. Instead of stressfully ending our outing, we had a lovely and snuggly 15 minutes together. 


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