Review: Junah soft Shell Coat part 2

Okay, I’m having some tech/layout difficulties with this post, but since it’s a long time coming, I’m going to post what I have anyway so readers can view the pictures and get a sense of the coat more closeup.

I really need to set up a proper photo drop! Some of these were taken at Harvey’s while my kids were at Gym class. =P And yes, I enjoyed some nice, fresh onion rings before heading back!

So this is a continuation of my review on the Junah Soft Shell Coat, focusing on the babywearin panel. Sadly I can’t find the maternity panel, but if the babywearing part interests you, you’ll find the maternity panel will service just as well. =)

What I Love

As you can see, the babywearing panel comes with its own hood. It’s one less thing to think about or carry! Velcro makes for a quick closure, and the hood is also has drawstrings for the edge to get a snug fit if preferred.


Junah babywearing coat babywearing panel, hood open with toggle strings untucked for display.

What are those long strings, you ask? They are drawstrings just under the collar of the panel, which meets your child’s neck. They thread through the coat when the panel is on the back so that the wearer can tighten up the top if your child falls asleep. When the child is awake she would want to look around and would need the space to do so, but when asleep, the space is only a place for the head to flop around, so gently pull on those strings to bring her in closer to your back for a good snug nap as you go along your hike, walk, or shopping trip.

As you can see, the strings can be tucked into its enclosure when not in use. This is helpful when using it for front carries and for storage.


fdfdf Junah coat babywearing panel, hood closed with toggle strings tucked away.

Following are some pictures taken during a rainy winter walk. I finally got my selfie stick and had an opportunity to walk out! Here is a picture of the coat from the side. As you can see, I did not zip the coat all the way up to give some room.

Even with my toddler getting bigger, I did not feel compressed or squished in the coat. I felt there was enough room to move around. I forgot to take a picture of this but the back of the coat, just above the opening for the child’s head, the material is ribbed and flexible, accounting for the need for movement while babywearing. Isn’t that awesome? =D


Junah coat with babywearing panel on the back, side view.




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