So cold, need babywearing panel…

…but it’s nowhere to be found! =( ** I’m so sad that I can’t seem to locate it. I had it to take pictures with in preparation for my review, then needed it t take full-length shots but now it’s gone missing. =( Sorry for those who have been waiting. In the mean time, I will aim to get the Angel Wings fleece hoodie review up, and here is a shot of my very make-shift winter babywearing efforts for an impromptu outdoor outing!

In this picture I am wearing my Junah but, sadly, missing my babywearing panel. We were not expecting to be outdoors aside from in/out of the car, so I’m glad that I:

  • randomly grabbed my Junah wool sleeves (so warm!);
  • grabbed my Didymos Stone Cashmere Prima scarf (so soft!);
  • a decently grippy mid-size wrap in Didymos Verzasca Waves, recently returned from a visit to a fellow babywearer;
  • had kept a pair of BabyLegs in the car to slip under my toddler’s fleece pants.

I really, really wished I grabbed one of my long woolies just for kicks though, because it would have been really useful! I would have been able to cover my toddler’s feet since I didn’t bring any warm foot wear for him, and I could have created a nice warm chest pass for myself. Ah well!

Again this is a very make-shift effort to babywear in the winter, and definitely not what I would recommend! But, in a pinch, it worked for the 30 mins we lasted out and about. This was taken just before I went back to the car actually!

**UPDATE: I FOUND IT! And I will finish my review. And I will post pics of us at the Toronto Christmas Market!

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