Rave: The Versatility of Woven Wraps

Just a quick blurb to show an example of why I love wraps. The Olders want to shovel snow with Daddy in the front yard and driveway but their shovels are in the back yard. Of course Mommy will get it but Littlest doesn’t want to be left alone. So, I quickly throw him up on my back in a cushy and warm wool wrap, size 6 so I can half-knot in front and use the tails to cover his bare feet while we step out into the crisp, cold winter air. It’s only for a minute or so, and I could probably have his bare feet out while wearing a buckle carrier, but I absolutely love that a base-size wrap can help me get him up quickly, keep him warm (with the wool) and cover his feet. I was originally going to leave him to play but he’s been quite attached lately as he’s breaking in five teeth, so I’ll bring him with me to prevent a melt down and him scooting through the wet mess left by The Olders’ boots from an earlier play time. 

It was quick, he was happy, we were warm, and we got to enjoy a nice winter moment together. 

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