Review: Junah soft-shell coat, Pt. 1


Wearing my 7-month-old in Didymos Teviot v1 using Front Cross Carry (FCC) under a Junah soft-shell coat, Feb 2015.

Sooooo… reviews take more time than I realize! I’m used to reviewing beauty products, which after awhile all have a similar template. So here is my first official review of a babywearing jacket! This is of the Junah soft-shell coat on its own, without panels. I realize too that I’m missing a full-length picture, so I’ll add that in as soon as possible. Feel free to ping me with any questions!

I’m pretty picky about my jackets, so it took a lot of hemming and hawing before I finally took the plunge and bought the Junah soft-shell coat. Previously, I had the BellyCoat, but I realized I wanted to do back carries as well as I chased the older two through the snow (which sounds more picturesque than reality, haha…).  So I sold the BellyCoat, 2 other wraps (sniff sniff to Teviot v2 and Jade), and contacted Erika at Everything Mom and Baby to add this coat to my outdoor wardrobe.

What I Love

Practically speaking, I love that it covers 3 seasons – almost 4, actually – and covers 3 “Mom” stages of pregnancy, babywearing, and sans-baby. It truly can be The One go-to jacket for me. It has a detachable hood, one each for me and baby, is fleece-lined, waterproof, wind-proof, but breathable. The hood is a bit longer in the centre which helps give better coverage over the face, and the sleeves are a bit longer on the outer wrists, which I love when it’s raining but not terribly fond of when checking the time. It’s not quite warm enough on its own in winter but a thin wool sweater or a fleece jacket underneath would remedy that issue. I usually use wool wraps with a Double Hammock carry or Shepherd’s carry so my chest has a second layer, so I would use extra sleeves only to cover my arms.


High collar with Velcro closure, open.


High collar with Velcro closure, closed.

The neck has a separate cover, minimizing the need to a scarf. This means one less item to grab, and less fabric obscuring my view of baby. In some ways it keeps me warmer than a scarf since it’s made of the same weather-proof material as the rest of the jacket.
Aesthetically, it’s a well-styled jacket. It won’t come off as designer but without the zipped-in panels, it gives a nice shape without feeling like I’m being squeezed into a sausage. 😜 [Full-length photo to come!]

What I Would Improve

It’s completely a matter of preference, of course, but instead of Velcro to close the collar, I wish it used snap buttons – or even better, magnets. I hate how Velcro catches on things, and it’s worse on wool wraps! Given that I would use this jacket when it’s colder and would use wool wraps quite a bit, it adds a layer of caution in the midst of getting everyone out he door.

I also which it had an inner cuff with the sleeves. On windier days that aren’t cold enough for me to need a second layer, it would be helpful. At least the sleeves are long enough that it’s not a huge issue though.

So this is the Junah soft-shell coat on its own. I’ll review it with the maternity and babywearing panels next!

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