Winter Babywearing

I can’t believe that just last week we had t-shirt-worthy weather and now we are joined by a decent covering of snow. I’m glad we have our snow tires on!

I’m also glad I have my babywearing coat and hoodie. For their price they are a fanTAStic deal because most babywearing outerwear can be used for front carries, back carries, during pregnancy, and on its own, so after all is worn and done it can still be a great jacket in your regular rotation. =)

There are a number of options available, including ones from Liliputti, Junah, and the M Coat. For reviews and comparisons, definitely check out Wrap You In Love (from Germany) and Mommy Gearest (from Canada). The ones I have chosen for myself are the Junah soft-shell and the AngelWings hoodie. I’ll give further reviews in the next week but generally,  I love that both of these can be used almost year-round, which is great for the weird weather moments we may get. Since I’m basically wearing a heat pack, I don’t need to wear much in the winter (i.e. not necessarily a sweater like I normally would, or a down jacket). I would layer myself and my baby well and have the Junah on over us. If it gets really cold and we want to go out for a walk, I’m eager to try layering my AngelWings hoodie under the Junah. =D If you’d like to check out either of these in person, drop me a line.

There are other considerations for winter babywearing as well, such as footwear and bunchy scarves. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on those with you over the next couple of weeks!

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